How to find the best legal recruiters


Finding the right legal recruiter for your law firm is not easy. These companies are everywhere, and if you do not choose carefully, you may end up with a company that brings you anything but the top legal talent. As a lawyer, however, although this is not your area of expertise you have to familiarize yourself to find the best legal recruiters. The best thing to do is start by defining what your needs are. What kind of attorneys are you looking to hire? Do you want them to work for you permanently or are they for a project? Do you need lawyers of individual expertise or will any law knowledge do?

By defining your needs this way, you can narrow down on the kind of legal recruiter that will do for you because different companies specialize in different types of recruitment

Once you know your staffing needs, it is time to go to the next step, and that is finding firms that you can interview. You can find them online, but before you resort to that, you should ask around for reference. Talk to other lawyers who have used these kinds of services before and find out which ones they used and if they were any good. If you cannot find a firm this way, you can check online for legal recruiters in your area. You will see that there may be more than a few, so it is up to you to compare different websites and shortlist the ones that look most promising. The information on their sites will tell you whether they are any good. The real people take the time to educate their clients about different aspects of legal recruiting rather than giving long sales pitches.

You are now ready to start conducting interviews, and there are some important questions that you should ask. Find out what the company’s referral to hire ratio is – in other words, how many vacancies are they able to fill? It will also reveal whether or not they are effective. You should also find out the average duration of the placements that they make. The longer the period, the better because it tells you that they take the time to match candidates to employers correctly. You should ask them to clarify the kind of placements they make – are they temporary, permanent, project-based?

Determine the years of experience – ideally, the best companies are those that have been doing legal recruiting for a long time because they have not only more experience, they also have a bigger database of prospective employees. Ask them to give you three references that you can call to find out more about their track record.

You should also interview them extensively about their recruitment methods Where do they get employees and once they receive a vacancy from a client what do they do to fill it? How long does it take from the time you contact them to fill a vacancy? What networks do they use to get candidates? All these things will tell you whether you are dealing with an honest company and also speak to their efficiency. You should also find out how they vet certificates, diplomas, and references.

Make sure to talk to them about what happens if a match doesn’t work. What happens when the recruiter places an employee with you and then they don’t perform to expected standards? Or what if the employee quits before a specified duration of time. In most cases, clients get reimbursed in full, but some agencies insist on bringing in a replacement employee at no cost.

It is important to clarify how to compensate the company for each employee that they bring you. There are some that are paid a commission of the employee’s salary every month, but others prefer to be paid in full right after they deliver. Your cash flow situation will determine how you choose to pay your legal recruiters